A/C on 2nd Floor Leaking through Ceiling to 1st Floor

Slow Leak from Toilet Bowl/Tank Bolt

Acutal Customer Image, The system detected this leak shortly after system was installed.

Customer In Ground Installation at the house main shut off

Customer In Ground Installation at the Street next to the city meter

Wireless Sensor installed behind toilet

High Rise Condominium shared Cold & Hot Solution - Dual TickerValve & FloMeter

Customer Above Ground Installation at the Home

Wireless Sensor installed behind claw foot bath tub

VIP Installations

Wireless Sensor installed under vanity

3" and 2" TickerValve Installations

8" Butterfly Valve Installation High Rise Comdominium

High Rise Building Single TickerValve and FloMeter Solution

Water Break from 2nd Floor

Fish Tank Protection

Weatherproof Enclosure Installation