Your PipeBurst Pro 4 and Pro Sr. communicates with which allows you to control your PipeBurst Pro on any kind of computer or smart device with an internet connection and receive remote notifications.


We offer a specialized service built to your requirements.  We now that you may travel for business or on vacation and leaving your home unattended, or that the rental property or vacation home may not be occupied all of the time.  With our signature concierge service we are there for you.

Signature Services Provided Include:

  • Monitoring as either the primary or secondary contact
  • Semi Annual or Annual system inspections
  • Semi Annual or Annual system Testing
  • Replacement of any necessary products
  • Annual replace of all batteries in wireless devices

Our patented application will provide an online interface where customers of the PipeBurst Pro 4 and Pro Sr. will be able to have a user account and control their system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection with remote notifications.


Key Functions:

  • Turn on and off your water supply from anywhere with internet connection
  • Know which sensor alarmed the PipeBurst Pro 4 and Pro Sr.
  • Remote notifications via email, text, and automated phone call
  • Users can manage multiple systems from one user account
  • Adds the ability to integrate the FloMeter into your PipeBurst Pro 4 and Pro Sr.